Which Cane is Stronger?

This question is difficult to answer because each tree is different so one cherry cane will be slightly stronger than another cherry cane. However, I can make some generalizations.

1. The larger diameter canes will be stronger than thinner diameter canes.

2. Laminated canes will generally be the strongest because strips of wood are glued together to make the cane.

3. Canes with straight grain will be stronger than canes with grain that swirls. The wood grain is the lines in the wood.

4. Of the three main woods that I use, maple (whitish color) would be the strongest with cherry (redish color) coming in second and walnut (brownish color) the weakest of the three.

All of the lumber that I use is suitable to be used as a cane. For strength, I also glue a metal threaded rod between the handle and the cane shaft. The cane shaft has the grain running up and down the cane. The handle has the grain running horizontally. This provides the best strength for the lumber. So it usually comes down to which cane you like to look at and which cane feels the best in your hand.