Cane Design

Here you will find information about my hand carved canes. You can see how I make my canes and the proper size and care of a cane. You can use the table of contents on the right side of the screen for more information about my canes.

Here are some steps you can use to design your own cane:

  1. Select a handle type: Oliver, Derby, Fritz or Specialty

2. Select a type of wood: either solid or laminated (glued together) cherry, walnut, maple or a specialty wood. You can also mix the types of wood by having the handle made from one type of wood and the shaft of the cane another type of wood.

3. Personalize the cane if you want by having words carved or burned in the cane.

4. Select a height and thickness for your cane. My canes are usually 36 inches tall and 1-1/8 inch thick at the top, but I can make them any size.

5. Pick a cane tip. Usually, I just have a rubber cane tip on the bottom so you can remove it and cut the cane shorter. I also make a hidden ice tip out of stainless steel. The hidden ice tip uses the same rubber tip, but you can slide the rubber tip off and use the ice tip when you need it. Then you can just slide the rubber tip back on when you are done using the hidden ice tip.

Feel free to contact me to help design your own cane. I can then send you several sketches to help you decide what you would want your cane to look like.