In the News

My Isaiah 40 Cane with the eagle handle got honorable mention in "Best of Pennsylvania Artists and Artisans 2005"."Citizen Cane" article in the Lititz Record Express in 2008.


"The dachshund cane was just what I needed for a Christmas gift for my elderly father. I contacted Terry and ordered one. Terry is truly a dedicated and gifted artist. Terry just didn't create a cane, he hand carved an heirloom for many generations. His workmanship is outstanding!"

-Sherry from IL

"I have one of Terry's outstanding, high quality, handmade canes in my collection. It is awesome when special handcrafted talents are passed down and kept in family generations. They are not only for the older people but can also be a great collector's item for all ages."

-Anna from PA

"I purchased a custom cane from Woodcarving By Terry for my husband's birthday/our anniversary (same day). I gave Terry my request, a motorcycle. When I received the finished cane I was delighted!! He had made the handle to match my husband's bike, a Fat Boy Harley Davidson! I also requested all our children and grandchildren's names and they turned out perfect, even with the unusual spelling in some of the names. My husband was truly surprised and touched by the craftsmanship and the sentimental value of his gift. He has quite a collection of canes, but this is one of his FAVORITES!!"

-Dee from PA

I recently received my hand carved "fox" cane (note my name below) from Terry Bupp-Petersheim. Simply stated, I love it! The wood used is both handsome and of high quality. The carving of the fox handle (other choices available of course) is obviously the work of a fine craftsman. My wife and I collect foxes, as you might expect, and Terry's carving is now one of our favorites. Terry was also a pleasure to talk to on the phone and very helpful in sending sketches to choose from. Bottom line: if you need to use a cane and want something special - contact this talented craftsman."

-Ronald Fox from NJ

"Greetings Terry! My dad was so surprised to receive his cane!!!! He truly *LOVES* it and is showing it to everyone he has ever met! Thank you for your expert craftsmanship. I will highly recommend you to anyone wanting a truly unique and beautiful cane. Best wishes."

-Ginger from PA

I commissioned Terry to create a handle to place on the shaft of a cane I was making for my father. The detail of the carving and the craftsmanship is well above any other work I can do, or made by the few that can match his design. This cane/handle is going to someone who loves his dogs and I know he will be very proud to display Terry's creation. If the handle is not on display in the website, please ask to see his work - worth your time.

-Matt from Fort Worth, TX