Wood Carving by Terry LTD features hand carved canes and other carvings by Terry Bupp-Petersheim (TBP). My goal is to carve canes that you can use as a cane and look good in the process. Therefore, my canes are functional as well as decorative. I started with carved canes and whittled chickens. Who knows where it will go from there. That is one of the nice things about carving wood - it offers a wide range of posibilities. Each carved cane or other creation is custom made and signed with my initials and dated. I also number my canes.

I use a combination of power and hand tools to make carved walking canes, walking sticks, hiking sticks and animals out of wood. My canes are unique because each one is done by hand. I also offer different handle shapes and words carved down the length of the cane. My goal is to make each carving distinctive as well as useful. I enjoy being creative and trying different ideas for wood carving. I am also open to new ideas so you can design your own carving for me to carve.

Power carving and hand carving is a hobby of mine that has turned into a small business. This site has pictures and information about the wood carving that I do. You can use the pictures for ideas for your own carving. You will also get an idea of what my carvings look like. This site also has information on how to contact me and order carvings from me. More examples can be found on my facebook page.

You can personalize a wooden cane by putting your own words and handle on a hand carved walking cane. For example, the dachshund cane could have the names of your pets carved on the cane or the motorcycle cane could have the names of your family carved on the cane.